Trust is built from the moment of birth. The first needs of a newborn are feeling warm and protected when being held, and trusting that a face will appear with food and loving care.

Our staff provides a safe and pleasant environment for your child to explore. Toys and activities are chosen to stimulate sensory development as well as building the infants large and small muscle development. Creative movement and relaxation is enhanced with music through cuddling, singing to them, and dancing with them in our arms.

The infant program is an "on demand" program unless a parent specifically requests a set schedule. Every effort is made to give our parents a feeling of security and confidence. We fully understand that we are being entrusted with their most precious possession.

During the first year of life, an infant begins to love others outside of himself. This is the beginning of a religious approach to life. As an infant experiences the love of other people, the natural bridge is built to form the love of God.


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