Preschoolers are beginning to show initiative. They are eager to please and want to be recognized for their achievements.

Our preschool program offers a wide variety of special activities to stimulate your child’s interest in school. Through the use of music, rhymes, finger plays, and a wide variety of arts and crafts, your child will learn the skills of sharing, listening, and involvement in group activities.

The three year olds are beginning to play with other children as opposed to playing next to other children. Their language skills are increasing rapidly and they often have vivid imaginations. The preschool teacher’s goal is to direct the child into positive behaviors and nurture their natural ability to express themselves verbally.

Religion class for the threes involves a more mature approach. The children are able to retell or answer question about the bible stories. They learn the Our Father and Hail Mary. The children understand the songs and basic Christian principles they learn.

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