The toddler is becoming autonomous. He/she is learning to see themselves as an individual person who can actually do something on their own.

The toddler caregivers must enhance the need of the child to explore. We provide experiences to “do his/her thing” within the limits of safety and reason. Tasting, touching, smelling and handling toys and manipulative materials designed to expand their experiences are an absolute necessity for the maturing toddler. Sensory activities and dramatic play enhance the program.

Large muscle development for a toddler includes climbing, sliding, jumping, and kicking. Equipment for this development is available both inside the classroom and outside in their own enclosed playground. Small muscle development at this age includes, but is not limited to, crayons, paint, and simple frame puzzles.

God is important to all people and that includes our toddlers. They hear bible stories, say simple prayers, sing religious songs, and learn that Jesus loves each one of us.


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