This program will prepare your child for kindergarten by the use of creative centers .The four year old is full of energy and tends to jump from one activity to another. These centers are designed to enable your child to explore the areas of science, language, art, manipulatives, and creative thinking at their own speed. The ten step reading program is used to enhance the development of literacy.

The four year old plays on a cooperative level with other children. They realize that it is necessary to share and take turns, although they don’t always want to. They are social and talkative, and usually relate affectionately to others.

Success is very important to the Pre-Kindergartener. A good feeling about himself/herself is a good basis for religious development as the child learns that “God made a wonderful world.” This is the year that the child begins developing a conscience for responsible behavior. The Christian principles are now incorporated into every aspect of their life.


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